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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Boozy Marshmallow Popcorn Balls

Everybody has a weakness. First there was Achilles and his heel. Then came Superman and kryptonite. Now it's Monique and popcorn balls. Who knew??

A few weeks ago I asked Facebook fans what type of childhood snack they would like to see recreated. There were some great answers (many of the Fat and Happy viewers had impressive childhoods!) but the one that caught my eye was a boozy popcorn ball. At that moment I knew this would be my Halloween post.

Popcorn ball recipes are abundant but there's no real secret to them, just caramel and popcorn. I have an absolutely foolproof soft caramel that I use for drippy caramel needs. And I've created one for Chocolate Bacon Caramel Popcorn; it is the sticky ball portion that eludes me.

My first pumpkin batch curdled and was too wet to stick together. It was tasty though so I figured I was on to something. The next rum batch seized up - essentially 1/2 cup of rum makes the caramel too drunk to spread among all the popcorn. Between candy thermometers, hard and soft ball stage, and handling hot molten lava... it's complicated.

Here's where it gets simple - a classic marshmallow mixture fills in for the troublesome caramel sauce. Turns out marshmallows are liquor friendly...and rather sticky to boot!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Caraway Hash with Apple Salsa

Hash never used to be on my favorite list thanks to a college friend who ate hash out of a can. It was dog food with a better label. Actually, I'm not even sure the label was that great either.

Fast forward to a time when I realized hash doesn't have to be bad. Homemade hash is good. Downright fantastic, in fact, when made with fresh ingredients. This hash screams to be topped with a runny egg; there is no reason to say no.

Sweet potatoes, caraway seeds and tart green apples combine to let this hash recipe skip right to graduate school.

Step away from canned food, you'll be fat and happy with tasty, fresh hash for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Super Simple 4 Ingredient Flourless Cookies

Did you ever make bread cookies when you were younger, where you took a piece of Wonder bread, removed the crust, smooshed the dough into a shape and then baked it?

These cookies are a little like that; a real lowbrow kind of cookie. But one that will you get you through a midnight craving painlessly. Or one that can sub in for a cheap dessert when your assigned dessert guest didn't bring the dessert.

Did I mention these are gluten free too? A hell of a lot easier then working with xantham gum and potato flour. The chocolate cookie is slightly more work than the peanut butter cookie, but worth it.

Too me, the topping and optional ingredient is key. I've tried everything from basic chocolate chips and jelly to rice krispies and smashed potato chips. If you are making cookies at midnight, bold toppings are a must.

These kinds of cookies are a dime a dozen all over the internet. But now you have them at your fingertips.The base of each cookie is four ingredients, that number will increase if you add the options.

Take these cookies for what they are worth - the simplest form of cookie for emergency fat and happy moments.


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