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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Turkey Chorizo Sandwich

To me, a sandwich should be bursting with flavor, dripping with goo, touting a super fun bread and almost too tall to fit in your mouth.  We are not kids any more, it's time to grow up past the white bread and bologne zip locked baggie sandwich.  There really isn't much that can't be made into a sandwich so your sandwich creativity should never be limited; afterall- someone had to come up with the ice cream sandwich at some point!  See my Kahlua sandwich bar recipe here.

Get cooking, get tasty and get messy.  This Turkey Chorizo Sandwich is the perfect way to break out of your lame sandwich rut.  While I love, love, love bacon, I feel it's getting 'overused'.  Chorizo however, chorizo is the new bacon. You heard it here first, actually I think this at least the second or third time I've said that on this blog. Chorizo is simply a wonderful mexican sausage, it's extremely excellent with eggs.

Chorizo sauteed with fennel, garlic and carrots is the star of our sandwich.  The thin slices of roasted turkey breast and the creamy goat cheese bring it all to life while the hearty pumpernickel bread completely finishes it off.  Put it together as a sandwich you pick up with your hands or as an open faced sandwich to eat with a fork, either way it's messy, it's hearty and bursting with so much flavor your tastebuds will be utterly fat and happy.

Tips and Techniques:  Try not to sautee the crunch out of the fennel and carrots, it's great to have a crunchy texture in the sandwich. Invite friends over and serve with Modela for brunch.

Warm Turkey Chorizo Sandwich

1/4 cup onion, sliced thin
1/4 cup fennel, sliced thin
1/4 cup carrot, grated
1 clove garlic, minced
1/2 cup chorizo

handful of chopped Parsley
small handful of Fresh Thyme

Turkey breast
2 Tbls Goat cheese, per sandwich
Dijon Mustard
Pumpernickel bread

Lightly sautee the onion in a few tablespoons of olive oil for a about 5 minutes and then add the fennel and carrots, toss often, sautee for about 2 more minutes. Add in the garlic and chorizo, toss and continue to sautee until mixture is nicely combined.  Turn off the heat and finish with the fresh chopped parsley and fresh thyme.

In the meantime thinly slice the turkey and cut your fresh pumpernickle bread (toast if desired).

It's important to warm the turkey, it would be odd to bite into a warm chorizo sauce but cold turkey.  If you have a toaster oven, place the sliced turkey into dish with a few tablespoons of water to help keep if moist, or warm on in a pan in the oven or on top of the stove.

Spread about one tablespoon of mustard and 2 tablespoons of goat cheese on each bread.

Fold the turkey slices on top of the goat cheese (folding the slices will keep the turkey from feeling like your are biting through a breast of turkey) and top with a scoop of the chorizo mixture. Top with a second slice of bread or serve as an open faced sandwich.  Or do my favorite move and top with a runny egg.  Enjoy!


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