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Monday, December 10, 2007

Method to my Madness

Here's the thing, I love to create new recipes. Always making things up based on what I have available to me. My downfall is that I have a horrible memory. I don't retain information. This is just who I am. Needless to say, I'm never the first one chosen for the trivia team!

But I do come up with fabulous meals, soups, appetizers and pastry's on the fly. The problem is that I usually can't re-create it. So one of the purposes of this blog is to help me keep track of my new recipes. I think I will have a shot at remembering them if I can get the recipe up here within 24 hours.

I do love to collect recipes from books and magazines, I just never use them. Stacks and stacks of cooking magazine are simply collecting dust in a corner but throwing them out doesn't seem like an option. I'm sure I am not alone here. My new plan is to go through each magazine, pull out any articles or recipes I think I need to have and place them into a three ring binder. I'll have separate binders for baked goods, meats and side dishes. The other pages I'm going to use as wrapping paper - it's cheaper than buying new wrapping paper, fun and eclectic and I'm helping the environment! (Dave started this by using newspaper as wrapping, but that does leave ink in your fingers!) This is going to be a 'snow day' job. Actually one day will not be nearly enough. Good thing I live in cold snowy location! If you have other great ideas with what to do with your old cooking magazines - please let me know!
Until later...

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