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Friday, December 21, 2007

Dave from Volleyball

It occurred to me, after receiving emails asking me 'who is Dave', that I may not have explained who Dave is. Where to start. Dave and I have been dating for 2 weeks. Yup, 2 weeks. Perhaps I should explain further. During our initial dating weeks, we were the quintessential 'cute' couple - always holding hands, snuggling in public, kisses all around! (Yes, I do believe some were sickened by this!) One of our couple friends pointed out one day that we should enjoy this now, because it won't be like this after being together for a few years. We decided right then and there that we would never get beyond 2 weeks; we made a plan to 'break up' every two weeks and start over.

So - how long have we really been together? That's usually the next questions everyone asks. We don't know. There is an email saved somewhere that pinpoints it down - but we really don't care. I can tell you it's somewhere over 5 years and short of 10. Sure it may sound a little crazy, but it works for us, quite wonderfully I might add. Think about it - there is no anniversary to forget and no labels to our relationship. The trade off here is that we still treat each other like we did when we first met - it's still fun, exciting and sexy!

So Dave, officially known as Dave from Volleyball (another story for another time), is the the love of my life. We are very similar in that we love food and are critical of it. Dave is the one that coined the phrase "Fat and Happy!" I should mention that neither of us is fat, that doesn't mean there isn't a 5 -10lb layer of winter warmth...but hey it is Chicago afterall! We are quite happy though! Much of what I cook reflects our tastes together. There are times when I will comment that something may not be Dave-friendly, but this is what makes us work. We do have our own interests, ideals, tastes, affections and hobby's; but together we will never get beyond 2 weeks!

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