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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Crispy Microwave Potato and Turnip Chips

January is moving along at a clip, everyone is settling back into the routine and there is a good chance your resolution to eat lighter is already waning. You can barely even get those egg whites in your mouth anymore, much less swallow them.

For me it's all about crunchy snacks - the very things that are often the worst options. So when I find a new trick that is crunchy, simple to make and light - I'm all in!

Admittedly, the word 'microwave' in the title of this post is a complete rarity. I would even go so far to as to say you may never see it here again. But I have to admit, this technique that has been floating around the internet for the past few years actually works. And works well!

A little slicing, a few minutes in the power zapping machine and the resulting potato chip is better than any greasy bagged variety. The turnip chip even won the heart of Dave - who doesn't like chips or turnips!  Feel like you're cheating even when you're not with these Fat and Happy homemade chips.

I used a purple potato for a pretty effect but any variety will do.

Fat and Happy Food Bog Tips and Techniques: It's extremely important to slice the potatoes thin and even; a mandolin is the best tool for this task. It will take a steady hand and patience, but you can use a knife.

Crispy Microwave Potato and Turnip Chips

Potatoes (raw)
Turnips (raw)
Salt, pepper (or other seasonings)
Parchment paper

Scrub the outside of the vegetables. Set the mandolin on the thinnest setting and slice the vegetables (or carefully use a knife). You may want to do a trial and error depending on how thin your mandoline goes.

Line the glass microwave plate with parchment paper. Lay out the slices onto the paper, do not overlap them but they can be touching. Sprinkle with with a little salt; I like to add pepper too.

Microwave on high for 5 minutes. Keep an eye on the potatoes, if they start to brown too much before the 5 minutes is up then turn the power off. Do not open the door. Let the potato chips rest for 1 minute. Then start the microwave again for 2 more minutes. Remove and enjoy!


All microwaves are going to cook slightly different so make necessary adjustments after the first batch. If they get too dark you will notice a bit of a burnt flavor.

The turnip chips stay a little softer than the potato chips, but the edges will definitely get a nice crunch to them!
Try a little garlic salt, cayenne or even chili powder for seasoning. I used a black salt in the turnips for a fun effect.


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