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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mexican Tequila White Wine Sangria

It's been a long, cold Spring to the point where scarves and mittens are still being donned the last week of May. No doubt Google searches for warm weather vacations spiked over this unusual last month in the Chicago area!

But sun is in the forecast and Memorial Day BBQ's are back on the calendar. Aroma of burgers and grilled potato salad will be lofting through the streets to tickle our senses into summer mode. Overlooking a cocktail at this point would be devastating; sure you could bring in any number of craft beers to pair with the grilled goods, but beers are available year round. Try mixing up a super simple batch of Tequila White Wine Sangria and elevate your party by a notch.

This Mexican Sangria plays the classic tequila and lime flavor against a crisp white wine with a super fresh and light punch to the senses. Put away the winter wear and welcome warmth with a fun, flavorful, Fat and Happy Sangria.

Tips and techniques: Taste the white wine sangria and adjust for your liking. I like a lot of lime, you may like more or less. Or you vary the fruit like oranges or a mango even. This recipe is not rigid, have fun with it.

Many Sangria's call for ginger ale or 7-up for the addition of bubbles including my classic red wine sangria; I wanted a cleaner flavor with the tequila and felt these would be too sticky and sweet for my tastes so opted for a club soda. But again, make it your way and make it yours!

One final thought is that pineapple juice could be substituted for the apple juice, this will mask the tequila a bit and give an even sweeter drink- if you prefer.

Monique's Mexican Sangria

1 bottle of white wine, chilled
1 cup tequila
1/4 cup lime juice
3 Tbls sugar
1 1/2 cup apple juice
club soda
1 green apple, diced small
1 lime, rind removed and diced small

Mix the wine, tequila, lime juice, sugar and apple juice in a large pitcher. Stir to dissolve the sugar. Dice the apple and lime, place a scoop in each serving glass and the rest in the pitcher.

Fill each glass about 2/3 full, top off with a little pour of club soda. Serve immediately.


  1. I made this drink for a friend's BBQ. It was a big hit and we tried both the club soda and 7up. Preference depended on taste and I liked the 7up because it was a bit sweeter. Thanks for the great twist on a classic.

  2. My mom would love this. Nice post Monique!

  3. @D6- Glad you tried both versions and stuck with your preference!
    @Jeff- thanks, I like your Mom's taste!



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