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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Comb of Honey and Blue Cheese Appetizer

It's imperative to have super simple, quick and easy appetizers in your bag of tricks for those unknown occasions when company stops by unexpectedly or your significant other forgets to tell you about a party invite or for when you just get stuck at work longer than expected.

A raw comb of honey is honey in its purest form, and as you can see, it still contains the hexagonal shapes of the beeswax cells of the honeycomb.

I'm in love with the honeycomb, it's sweet and gooey with just a touch of texture to it. Topping this with crumbled blue cheese gives a flavor explosion of sweet, savory, creamy and tart all at the same time.  Amazing.

And it's a built in conversation starter; not many people have seen or eaten a honeycomb. I've also served this as part of a dessert cheese platter too. You just can't go wrong with this completely simple Fat and Happy appetizer!

Tips and techniques:  Choose a strong blue cheese over a mild one for the best complex flavors. You should be able to find a honeycomb from your honey guy at your local farmers market or you can find this online. Keep your comb horizontal at all times to avoid the honey running out.

Honeycomb and Blue Cheese Appetizer

blue cheese

Place the honeycomb on  large platter, scatter with blue cheese. Serve with a hearty cracker.


  1. I was lucky enough to have tried this, and it was FANTASTIC. It will SOOO be showing up on my summer bbq appetizer/ desert platters! thanks Mo!

  2. Marianne- thanks for the comments! And might I add that this was wonderful next to your amazing salted caramel filled chocolate cupcakes. Can't wait to get that recipe!



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