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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Grilled Cheese and Jelly Wontons

It was Friday night and we were spent from a long week at work.  After stopping at Club Lago to wash away the day, we headed home to order in Indian food and for bragging rights after a rousing game of Wii. Ordering food for delivery has become much easier with all the online options, especially since nobody ever wants to be the one to make the call to the restaurant.

ETA for the food was 8:34ish.  Not kidding.  The website actually said 'ish' on the delivery time. Considering that was nearly 90 minutes away, a snack was a must to hold us over. With leftover wontons and cheese, little mini grilled cheese wonton sandwiches were calling our names.

I had actually created these tasty morsels of sweet, crispy cheesiness the week before because it was literally the only things in the fridge. We have paired cheese with jam for years, the sweet and salty flavors play beautifully together. Be brave and pair up different cheeses with a variety of jelly. We had huckleberry jam with a triple creme brie cheese that was out of this world.  Fig jam and smoked Gouda was a sweet, smoky party for the taste buds.

Gooey, crispy snacks as an appetizer, a late night treat or to fill the void while waiting for your food delivery.  These are a true fat and happy-ish snack!

Tips and Techniques:  Through trial and error I found out you must pre-cook the wonton wrappers before adding the cheese, otherwise the cheese and jam will totally ooze out and there will be nothing left in the sandwich. 2 of these mini cheese treats each held us over, but make as many as your heart desires.

Grilled Cheese and Jelly Wontons

Jam or jelly (flavor of your choice)
Cheese (again, your choice)

Spray a large fry pan with Pam, place in wontons in a single layer.  Cook over medium heat until it begins to brown, flip and repeat on the second side.  Remove crispy wontons from the pan, repeat with remaining wontons, respray the pan to keep the wontons from being too dry.  If you don't have Pam add a tiny drizzle of oil or melted butter.

In the meantime, thinly slice the cheese and have the jelly ready. Once the wontons are complete, assemble the little sandwiches. Spread a layer of the jelly on one wonton, top with thin slices of cheese and top with a second wonton.

Place the wonton sandwiches back in the pan, heat over medium high heat just until the cheese begins to melt, about 2 minutes per side.  Enjoy!


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