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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Triple Layer Caramel Banana Pecan Torte

The triple layer caramel banana pecan torte cake... I'm not even sure anything more needs to be said. Seriously - look at it. It is so beautiful I had to put extra photos in of it. They are all great images.

This mountain-like cake is so decedent, so sweet, so beyond explanation. This anomaly of good fortune is best served warm with a little helping of fresh whipped cream, it helps the caramel ooze into and out of the cake while keeping it moist and rich. This cake was one of our best sellers at the restaurant, selling out in under eight hours average time, so unfortunately, I can't divulge the secrets just yet (there are still plans in the work for a cook book!) The Denver Police dubbed this cake "Crack Cake"- does that tell you anything?

But if you've been one of the lucky ones to experience it, you must be blessed; consider it like a being a Jedi- you're one of the chosen few. Don't fight, eat it, lick the plate even and be fat and happy!

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