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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Chipped Beef on Toast

Sh*t on a Shingle, also known at S.O.S., is perhaps not properly named. Let's be honest, it's not the most appealing name for food ever created. But it is deceivingly good, when made properly. The creator must have been looking for a simple, fast meal to serve to the masses. According to Savuer magazine, this recipe first appeared in a 1910 Army I said, serve the masses. In this appearance, is was also more politically named as creamed chipped beef on toast; the toast being the 'shingle'.

My mom used to make this; I believe it was a relatively cost effective dinner and considering there were seven kids, price is always an issue. Dave had never heard of this however. So I decided to create my own version of the. Give it a try and let me know what you think; I'm quite happy with this recipe and will make it again. This was Dave friendly too!

Sautee ½ lb ground turkey. Rather than beef or chipped beef I went with the lighter turker, but I find ground turkey quite flavorless, so it requires a lot of seasoning! Continue to sautee with onions, thyme, garlic powder, onion powder, seasoning salt, salt and pepper. (Now, here is an addition of my own - add in some left over rice if you have some around. Also adding some olives and celery gave this a nice flavor!

Add skim milk, butter, milk and cream, simmering until thick. Toast two pieces of hearty bread, I used a french bread, then place the toast on a plate. Cover with a good helping of the mixture. Top with a little fresh Parmesan cheese. Now you see why it's called Sh*t on a Shingle! Enjoy anyway!

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