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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rosebud Restaurant- Theater District

As a former restaurant owner, I do understand when a kitchen has an off day and will typically give a restaurant two tries before vowing to never return. And if we receive service that is outstanding- this will also give us incentive to return, even if the food was sub par. Service can make or break a place!!

This will not be the case today- the Rosebud Restaurant will never get anther dime from me. Every ingredient came from a can! The roasted red peppers, the green bean in the pasta dish- both from a a can. And the ricotta gnocchi was basic flour pasta - not even close to a ricotta gnocchi. The side of sauteed broccoli was straight from a frozen bag- it had all the stumps and everything! There was a ridiculous sauce on the steak that it think they made from some leftover breakfast pancakes... that's not really the wine sauce it was advertised as.

But what about the service? Let me just say this- upon ordering a 2nd bottle, our waiter tried to bring us 'different' bottle of wine; we watched him purposely turn and hide the label as he filled our glasses.

This is a part of the Rosebud chain here in Chicago, and I've honestly heard decent things about these restaurants in the past ... if the Theatre District is indicative of the rest- ick! ...

Another experience which again solidifies my disinterest in chains. This place gets a red dot in our restaurant map list- STOP, do not return and I suggest you save your money as well.

Rosebud Theater District, 70 West Madison. Chicago, IL

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